Dallas Paper ShreddingThreats to you, your clients, and your company are everywhere, therefore there is nothing safer or more convenient than having your sensitive business documents taken care of on a regular basis. In doing so, you are ensuring that you are continuously protected from identity thieves and frauds. This definitely gives you an added sense of security.

Data Shredding Services of Texas, Inc. – San Antonio offers a routine, on-site document shredding service that is specifically tailored to the unique demands of your company. Based on your requirements, we will gladly destroy your sensitive documents on a fixed schedule. There are a number of schedules (daily, weekly, and monthly) and document collection containers that are available. Our on-site shredding solution allows for quick and convenient shredding, right at your location.

When you request a regularly scheduled, on-site document shredding service, Data Shredding Services Texas Inc. will provide you with a secure and stylish document container, which you can use to store documents to be shred, free of charge. A representative from our company will be sent to your office to determine which container is best suited for your needs, the frequency of which you require service, and the best place to locate the container to maximize collection.

These document collection containers have proven themselves over the years. Offering top-notch quality and aesthetics, they are an invaluable asset for your office. The best part of this is that they are provided free of charge. We strive to provide you with the utmost protection in the most convenient way possible. Contact us today to set up an appointment and we’ll drop by your office to determine how we can best serve you!