When it comes to confidential information it is vital to keep them safe. Records as well as files that contain this confidential information should be disposed of properly without the fear of other people gaining access at this important information. Our company, named Data Shredding Services of Texas, Inc. – San Antonio is providing you the vital services that help you dispose of these records as well as files. Our company uses top of the line technology and state-of-the-art equipment that dispose of these files without the risk of having people reproduce such files.

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    Our licensed experts in our San Antonio shredding services provide services for both small and large scale paper shredding needs. Our services of document and file destruction are available at your convenience whether it be weekly, biweekly as well as monthly services. We are dedicated to help companies in disposing files that need to be destroyed. An example of a company that needs to dispose of files as part of their operations and business to keep client identity, credit information and other bank information safe and free from identity theft are financial organizations.

    Who Needs Secure Document Shredding Services?

    We offer our document shredding services for financial organizations as well as business and industries that require files that contain significant information destroyed. This is also true for national and local government agencies that protect important records such as personal identification, social security numbers, criminal records and other contact information. Hospitals and other medical institutions also have insurance records, other medical files and personal data records disposed because of confidentiality reasons. Our clients vary in the nature of the industry they are in but they do have a common reason for having files disposed of properly. Confidentiality as well as avoidance of identity theft is the main reason why our company is providing San Antonio quality paper shredding services.

    Data and paper shredding can be a very laborious task for your company’s employees. This also means that they need to take time off from their regular work schedules to take out the garbage. Leaving their daily tasks on hold to dispose of waste by paper shredding leaves your company on hold as well. Valuable time better spent on taking care of business is wasted on garbage. Your company could hire a custodian to do your data and paper shredding for you, but this means an extra expense for someone who may not know how to take care of the data shredding properly.

    Document Shredding Isn’t Just for Businesses!

    When it comes to our paper shredding services, we also cater to residential shredding needs. The same high technology and state-of-the-art equipment are used to dispose files at residential areas. Expect the files and records that need to be disposed of to be impossible to reproduce after our shredding services. This is our own way of helping your protect confidential information within the comforts of your home. The top of the line document shredding services that we provide are considered to be the most economical for both residential and commercial needs. Protect vital and significant information without having to spend much. This is one of the ways that we can help our clients. When the documents are passed through the paper shredding machines, they are completely destroyed, guaranteed. The same security is provided for the transportation of the paper shredding leftovers to the recycling facilities. With Data Shredding Services of Texas, Inc. – San Antonio, all you need to do is throw your trash in the bins we provide and we do all the rest.

    Aside from the paper shredding services that we offer, we also proper disposal of media material, micro-film and hard drives that needs not to be reproduced.

    We are providing San Antonio inexpensive document shredding services that are secure. With our company you are sure to have peace of mind when it comes to these confidential files. The years of experience that we have speak for the professionalism, credibility and good reputation that we have. Our services have been consistently compliant of the privacy, legislation and NAID guidelines.

    The proper disposal of files and documentation that contain vital and significant information is the Data Shredding Services in San Antonio way of helping companies, individuals as well as the government in avoiding any case of identity theft and other copy right violations. We only use top of the line brands in guarantee the quality of our document shredding services. In this way, we make sure that the documents are disposed of properly characterized by the inability of anyone to reproduce or even put together the files and records.

    Data Shredding Services, just like any other services maintain and follow business ethics. We apply proper ethical business practices in order to maintain good professional working relationship with our clients. Our company and services were designed based on trust standards and factors. Expect the professionalism of our staff to be guided with the sense of confidentiality and trustworthiness. Our staff was trained inculcating in them the importance of keeping ethical business practices. We at our company make sure that we keep our reputation in the good light. We understand the utmost importance of keeping our clients happy and satisfied with our services.

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