When your San Antonio business requests regular paper shredding services, we’ll help you keep sensitive information safe before it’s collected for destruction. Our lockable bins are ideal for the disposal of your business documents. Standard recycling bins may seem sufficient for paper collection; however, due to the sensitive nature of most internal documents, a blue bin simply does not offer the security you need.

Data Shredding Services of Texas, Inc. – San Antonio provides a variety of lockable bins to choose from, depending on the volume of paper your business typically circulates. We’ll happily assess your current document management situation, and provide recommendations according to your needs. All locking shred bins are provided to our customers at no extra charge, and can be used throughout your office in high-traffic, centralized areas where you see fit. These convenient bins will help to keep your business organized and most of all compliant; all material remains locked away from the potential of prying eyes or tampering.

Whether space is limited or not, we have a solution that will work for your office environment and décor.

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Standard Consoles:

20″ x 20″ x 37″ (d,w,h)

Our Standard Consoles are attractive and sleek, allowing for easy disposal through a narrow receiving slot. These consoles will remain locked at all times, with access limited to your designated employee, and a DSS specialist. The standard consoles can hold roughly 100lbs of paper, and are equipped with a secure locking mechanism for added protection. Their neutral design allows them to blend into any office area, but typically they are stored near a copy/printing area, or next to workspaces. 20″ x 20″ x 37″ (d,w,h)

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64-Gallon Media Shredding Bins:

29″ x 24″ x 41″

Our 64-gallon collection bins feature the same design and benefits as our 95-gallon bins, but store roughly 200lbs of loose paper. These collection bins are highly durable, and lockable for maximum security. An ideal solution for larger document collection needs, that can easily be carted away to the shred truck. 29″ x 24″ x 41″ (d,w,h)

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95-Gallon Blue Shredding Bin:

33″ x 27″ x 45″

Our 95-Gallon Blue Bins are extra large in capacity, designed to hold approximately 300 pounds of loose material. Like all of our collection bins, these are equipped with reliable pad-lock mechanisms, and are usually situated in large open areas. These bins allow employees to easily dispose of their documents through a narrow opening on the lid of the container. For larger volumes of documents, the padlock can be removed and the lid opened for easier access. 33″ x 27″ x 45″ (d,w,h)